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One of these things is not like the other…

I was digging through the cookie jar this morning while the coffee was brewing. Somewhere off in CraftLand, another maker of goods had suggested using cookie cutters as patterns for unique shaped Christmas Ornaments. I laughed at little out loud.

Understandably these lovely forward thinking lasses have not seen my Dos Muertos Cookie Cutter assortment. True.. I have various antique cookie cutters (see the holiday collection to the right), but I also have this LuLu Cookie Kingdom of Minions as well.

These would be my Baby Jesus on the Cross, Devil Does Prada and then Gucci too, Vital Organs, Skully the mad man, My Black Cat ate your face, and well my favorite – The Butthole Pirates.

I have more cookie cutters themed around the macabre than around the holidays I actually bake cookies for.

Back to the Grind … I am popping out squares today and not to be deterred.


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