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So I missed the WTF Friday – but look what I got instead !

…To Be Named…

Yep, I rescued a Bunn. You do not know how much I wanted to kiss and hold him last night. Bunn’s don’t especially like to be held. I know this from having them before. But he did get out of his crate and run around upstairs. He ate drank and for the most part explored happily. We know very little about him as his former mommy unfortunately had to let him go and left him with the folks at PetCo. I really do not even know what kind of Bunn he is. I am going to have to do research this next week.

The folks at PetCo gave us his cage, kennel, food, hay, toys, water stuff, litter stuff, bowls, hut, mats, treats, corn, uhhh and a free bag of cat food for my fluffs and a bag of dog chews. Yea I know right?!!

So now we have an unnamed new family member. Mushu (the Chinchilla) is going to be very angry.  Maybe not. Mushu loves to let us hold him so I feel he will do well with this invader 🙂

If you have name suggestions please feel free to comment !


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