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Harvey Danger

The baby bun has officially been named Harvey Danger. After tons of name suggestions (all hilarious and fab btw) one really stuck out for Emo and I.


Then of course she expanded on that Harvey Danger was a great band, and well due to the tuxedo (as Tully just said on Ravelry), it’s a very James Bond kind of name. That suits our household rather well I think.

Harvey is very opinionated but sweet. He loves pets kisses and even ear massages but the holding is off limits. Here’s the weird thing. I picked him up this morning. I had to. I had to move him quickly away from a hot glue gun (which caused tons of damage to my ring finger while making christmas cards last week). I have most of my itty bitty crafties and chords up as I know house rabbits love to chew chew chew ! He was just on a running rampage this morning and decided to take out the office.
Rabbits love to run at dawn and dusk apparently. So he gets turned out of his cage while I feed the cats and take out the dogs in the morning. I sit in the office doing my early morning work and then about 10am he goes back in to his cage for a snoozy.

Around 4 Gothlet Emo Pixie gets home from school and lets him do laps again.
He gets one final turn out after supper and then he’s off to bed. This has really  seemingly kept him happy. Harvey is really enjoying the run. He has a bed next to my desk thats soft and smooshy for him to lay on. He will camp out there for about 15 minutes and sleep. I think he gets a little nervous still trying to figure out who we are and will retreat back to his cage and rabbit hut.
I can’t believe someone let him go. He is so darling.


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