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Is it still not a lie even though its white?

To me a white lie (in true southern form) was always telling a friend that the dress she was trying on was not her color. This of course being after she asked ” does it make me look fat”. An untruth told to someone you love to protect their feelings has a good heart at its core. We do not want to intentionally ever hurt another’s feelings but really do so any way but not being honest.

Covering or softening the blow with a gentler truth is a white lie.

Organizing and sorting the details in your own head or omitting the truth all together is not to protect anyone other than yourself. This is not a white lie, this is deceit.  Perhaps when I was younger and more politically correct and maybe just a bit more willing to play devils advocate I would offer a two cent opinion on both sides. Perhaps in this stage in my life I would have been less critical due to lack of experience and gentler in my opinion.

I think people who decieve lie fib tell a white lie all under the justification in their own minds that what they are doing is really better for everyone…

Are still liars.



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