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I am very pleased with 2010

Several discussions with friends have turned up similar thoughts. I think this is the year everyone gets tired of being in a recession and starts rebounding. BoomSession people! That makes me think of Bruce Campbell and his BoomStick. Now you see why my friends consider me obscure. And yes of course I had to find a knitted “Ash” to go above this post now that I am actually thinking in a stream here.

Bruce Campbell aka Ash.. Army of Darkness.. needs to boomstick the hell out of our economy. There ya have it !

I have picked a project for Ravelympics2010 Vancouver. It is going to go along with the Knewbie Kit Swap (Winter Warmers). I thought this would be a fantastic way to combine fun activities. Accomplish a goal and participate in a friend sharing experience making something for someone I am getting to know. Plus it keeps me on track for goal setting and finishing objects.

On a personal level I am excited about 2010 from a romance, friend, lifestyle change. I am working on professionally changing some aspects of myself with personal work goals I have set. I am also really excited about the fact I am working hard on items for etsy, learning new crafting skills and feeling like for once I am creating for me.

I think its growth. It certainly feels like so much more.

❤ Lu


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