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In the lane we can build a snowman …

1/7/2010 Evening Snow Fall – Georgia

Yesterday was sunny bright and even dare I say warm. Ok not the warm they get down in Daytona Beach, but it was not so cold you couldn’t walk across the street or take the dogs out for a romp in the yard. It was not wet or icky. No grey clouds. Weather forecasters on the flip side however were calling for brutal weather later on. Schools had already planned to be closed early and everyone was being asked to get home and stay in last night. How could this be with such blue sunny skies?

Why How Why ?

Oh because the snow came in people went batshyt crazy and yes there was ice. Now in the weather’s defense I will say boy oh boy did those predictions come true! Right on time in fact, almost to the hour. First time in history because you know they don’t usually get it dead on like that in this little neck of the woods.It began snowing. How fun. Then those little flurries after dark turned to whispie thick puffs of ice and well the rest is history. By 9pm last night we were snowball fighting, laughing with all the kids in the neighborhood and slipping all over. Secretly I was hoping they would grab trash lids and sled down the hill in back.  It is covered in dog poo. I just wanted to laugh in secret. It still strikes me funny in my head today. Repeatedly.

I got up early this morning to check conditions outside. Even after the snow stopped last night around 11pm I know mom (in her most usual weather hysteria) was actually going to be right about bad roads. The news was reporting collisions and serious pile up accidents on the highways. Luckily the hospital (her work) was not down any of those. We do have to cross two bridges (ice before road etc) and that was a little troublesome. There was really bad ice and I am not usually nervous to drive on anything like that. Take it slow pay attention don’t rush. Right… WRONG !

We were slowly sliding out in the back this way and that. I was convinced not only was I going to pee myself from my mothers exasperated gasps of shock and heavy breathing.. but once said urine was in my drawers … I was then going to have to do CPR on the side of the road from her having a heart attach from shear stress and excitement.  Cold wet pants were not a thrilling idea. I begged her to just stay calm and quiet while I drove. I deposited her in front and she I am sure was aged at least 10 years from the effort. I need to relocate her to Hawaii. I really do.  Hopefully before  I have to go back tonight and get her after her shift.

Today the weather is mild the sun is out. I am really hoping and willing the ice off the roads with my mental powers. Please please please… no wammies.


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