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GotFriends? Got Mentioned! and is Going4Gold!

One little fun thing about the community over at Ravelry.com is of course the games we play, the friends we meet and the fun we share. You slowly gather groups of like minded and sometimes ok no so like minded folk and engage in this beautiful clicking rythm. Not darlings its not your needles its the sound of heartbeats and friendships forming.

There are rowdy conversations, loving conversations, and support structures for anything you may need to gather the troops for.

The sweetest treat of all.. someone has always got a swap going.

I am not sure exactly where the decision to start gifting crafty goods began. I know sites like swap-bot and former individuals who would organize swaps, existed a few years back. My sister has been craft swaping longer than I can remember. Ravelry has really changed that. So many themes so little time!

I vow to contribute to swaps more in 2010. I think its a fantastic way to meet new people. I have done a few little easy ones thus far. A dishcloth here and there a card, some ornaments. Fun stuff. Easy.

The GotFriends Swap looks to be the most exciting yet ! I am in the GotFriends Group. It was one of the first groups I joined to meet new people. We have had so much fun and I am just digging all the people who silly up my day. The swap is running a little along side the Ravelympics and we should be able to make some great things for friends !

The group currently has a ton of friends in it and I hope this means we will have lots of friends swapping and exchanging sharing and enjoying!

Check it out come on in and post if you have any questions about what a swap is how it works, you always have friends in this group !


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