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Give me a little kiss will you huh ?

When I was at the tender age of 4 or so my parents began to discover the grace that could only be explained as Me. I was put in ballet and dressage, both athletic and geared for structure stance and balance.  Both actually complimented each other greatly.

My horsemanship was a private family affair coming directly from Aunts and Uncles. My dance was done at the most wonderful Bobbi and Helen School of Dance. It’s nice to see after all this time my favorite place in the whole word still exists, and at its original location. Bobbi and Helen have trained performers that have danced for foreign leaders, presidents and all over Washington DC and New York.

My first concert at the age of almost 5 was an easy one introducing me to my basic foot positions. We literally had to go on stage do our foot positions turn and toss chocolate kisses into the audience. Our song – Give me a little Kiss – our sunny singing to accompany the little silver painted feet. When my tutu’d gal pals turned forward I was backward. When they tossed their candies out I shoved mine in my face. When they turned to look at me in horror and shock for not conforming to the cattle herd I smiled back with slurpy melted choco goodness. When they separated like a plague as I ran to the front of the orchestra pit because the audience was laughing, I of course blew kisses and leaned down to  give Bobbi  a chocolate kiss.

My fate with the school was sealed and until I left Virginia with my parents I was there three times a week training privately and in classes with the teachers. This was such a great life experience.
I have picked some goodies out for my swap partner in the Winter Warmers Swap and also a special little gift box I am mailing to Monster. I was in the bookstore the other day and found something he needed and also something I wanted to send. I spent all night on the phone with Monster last night until about 5am this morning. I think I fell asleep first, in fact I am sure I must have because several times during the conversation I woke myself up snoring. Too bad I wasnt sitting up I could have knit something !

I am really taken with Monster. It’s not what I expected. I am grateful for him in this time  and during recent events. I would be lying if I didn’t say it out loud that I am very much falling in love with him. For now though I will not say it, I will appreciate the amazing friendship he has given me.  I am sending a care package with kisses however, because there isn’t anything I can imagine doing more right now.


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