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Children and Yarn ? Absolutely !

[Courtesy of  imaginationinparenting]

Kids crafts have taken on a new edge in this time. Its much different than when Pixie was little. Parents I think are more willing to let younger hands trying much more complicated elements. I was pretty brave about letting Pix try anything (with in age swallowing burning etc appropriate levels) when she was little.  We had some messes but thankfully the large kitchen and tiled floor we had to work on allowed said mess to stay contained.  I love the IP blog there is always something lovely over there to gawk over.

The KoolAid Dying however was pulled from another site as well, Frontier Dreams. I love mothers who openly share their interest in creating with their children. Its not easy being a parent and lets face it we have a bazillion things to do a  million times over in a day, but we need to inspire our children besides just “raise” them.

KoolAid + Yarn = 2 hours or so of quiet inside activity time that offers your child something new to try. Silly conversation. Minimal mess. Lots of Love.


I can think of three little girls I want to sit down and dye laughing with !!!

Further Expanded Thoughts for Home Schoolers –

KnitPicks and many other sites have inexpensive bare wool hanks. KoolAid is easily obtained for very low cost and the other supplies you should already have.

Topics :

Animal Husbandry – What takes a sheep from shear to wool?

History – Wool in our world – Clothing  production – Did children help make clothes in olden times? Wool in and from ancient cultures.

Math – measuring water – kool aid – and other materials even counting out yards of wool while you yarn cake the finished product.

Motor Skills – Painting – hand eye – crafting with wool after – what about using it to make a crocheted item? Kids Crochet is easy peesy.

Art – Well there is just a ton of ways you could go with fibers used in art history – Flax seed – linen – etc.


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