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Shh little beats be still…

[photo courtesy: stillriverstudios]

Everyone makes deals with devil and bargains with the Universe. “If you just get me through this I will… If I can hold out one more day… If I do this please let nothing bad come of it…”.  In my youth stuck in between pain shambles and muddy moments, I made a few deals. I secretly stole away into a whisper the outcome I would bargain for. Praying seeking asking for that little bit of strength to get on by. I stopped doing this very early however and chose to create my destiny by empowering myself with the knowledge good or bad my choices were my own and the outcome would be the legacy of those choices. This ran over and over in the back of my head, even when I did things in hindsight now I say.. “what on earth was I thinking!”.

I have not made any deals lately. I have not actually asked the universe for anything. I had my head down moving forward under the impression I was taking care of my family taking care of business and taking care of myself in a topical sort of way.  I posted about 2010 shortly into the new year and made some wild stupid joke about a boomstick. I am seriously thus far impressed and excited and can just feel all the good spots starting to bloom.

Today I paused to think about someone. I paused to remember sitting in a sunny field of grass and weeds, behind an apartment complex in Norfolk when I was little. Watching ants and bugs crawl over me, I picked a dandelion. At a moment of struggle and pain I whispered into the seedlings…

“It will be amazing”.

Two different moments in my life but the memory of  that broke me down a bit. Not in some devastation sob fest but almost in an appreciative glory of all things incredible way. While my heart was beating rapidly and my mind racing, I remembered how often I whispered words of affirmation into those little buds and watched them float into the world.They lifted and soared.

Affirmations are so much better than making deals with the Universe. Affirmations bring action not reaction.

Tell the world what you want  today.  See a plan behind it and move towards it.



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