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I’m stalking stores for KnitScene

[photo courtesy of KnitScene2010]

Besides Rebecca its one of my more favorite mags. Now that I have said it, really go back and look at the picture above. Hover over it, examine the joy on that womans face for wearing such a frakking gorgeous sweater. She is Saying: “Haha LuLu.. too bad your teets are too big for this!”.
Bytch. I hate her and her stupid teets too !

[Emily – KnitScene]

But I can wear this, gain XP (RP term for ya there Monster)(RP=roleplay Monster = DH) and look like Josh Gates, my favorite smarty pants world traveler and truth seeker super hero ! See Josh is like the Penis version of LuLu. He embodies her zaza zing and of course has witty sarcasm about almost everything on his adventures. Did you see the episode with the airplane??? Anyway Josh always wears fabulously colorful neck wraps that I am sure if spread would take the length of any well fashioned cowl or shawl.  Emily above by our darling friends over at KS has that same camel riding potential. Here I come Kilimanjaro !

Oh sweet mother of vagina !
[there you have it.. the four men I would bark like a circus trained flea for]

Did I express above how much I love Josh. Lets just moon for a minute over him, Steve Gonzales, Grant Wilson, and Jason Hawes. Smooch Smooch thats right Jason..  you approve my tweets because you love me too !! Nom Nom Nom !!! Shhh don’t tell Steve I voted you Mr Tweet of 2009 he may remove my portrait  from his now finished sleeve of tats in heartbreak. We do however need to discuss your Turbo Tax commercial I just saw last night. I love you like I love Bruce Willis in peanut butter.. but baby.. TurboTax ???

Links I would love to show you today:

http://danceswithwool.wordpress.com/ – really great blog I found that I need to add to my roll

http://www.loopknits.com/2008/08/09/wave-blanket/ – what I cast on last night

http://damesofdialogue.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/writing-about-your-craft-by-linda-bulger/ – well written knitting connections

http://www.kellyblock-photography.blogspot.com/ – my darling friend from back in the day and who pixie was named after. She has her own biz now and I needed to give her a pluggy poo because I am so daym  proud of her. She found something she loves and is really doing stunning work. Really really proud of my BellehBear.



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