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Apparently Sculptey burns.. who knew.. !

Lessons Learned

  1. Get the right tools for the job
  2. Pay Attention
  3. Do not web geek think or do any house cleaning until your clay is done
  4. Do outside
  5. Do not do inside
  6. Get new batteries for the smoke detectors
  7. Sanding will not fix it

So dear readers take two! I sculpted a bunch of stitch markers for the store over the weekend. Sadly as you can see, they met a very untimely demise this morning in the oven. This would be the first batch of markers I have ever burned. Ever. I am going tonight and getting a little toaster oven. I hate doing clay in the house. I am going to do them moving forward on the back patio and then once I get the garage cleaned out set up a work bench in there.  The bacon made it through ok, but other *surprise* items did not. Tonight I will geek some more and get them ready for production photos this weekend.



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