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Signature Needles – The New Stilettos

[photos courtesy of me]

I know dear readers you do so look forward to the eye-candy Friday posts of WTF but today I have an early edition planned prior to the funnies.  I have been asked to do a quick little review for friends that are trying some new techniques in 2010 and new vendors.  We as knitters tend to gravitate toward brand loyalty and while that’s absolutely fantastic and I completely encourage sticking to your favorites, it can be rewarding to try something new. I have done this a lot lately and am finding its dramatically changing how I look at my knitting and my skills.  I was talking to the Love recently and he mentioned he had never tried Signature Needles either. Well let’s get everyone up to speed shall we?

Brand: Signature Needle Arts

Owned: By Cathy (and hubby Kent)  Bothe – of  Bothe Associates Inc., a family owned manufacturer of custom metal components.

Aha Mo: – Cathy was working with a particularly frustrating yarn and needed a needle with a much more “pointy” tip to really get in and not be so tedious. Hubby said – take it to work (meaning more than likely go sharpen them). She instead  had a prototype made, of what would become the Signature Stiletto points and was amazed at her personal knitting results. Cathy realized the potential her family had to offer, owning their own business as a parts producer. They had at their disposal the tools not many large corporations had here in the US and could offer knitters now another choice for materials.  Signature Needle Arts was born.

Since the creation of Single Points, we have gotten double points for the sock fiends and now much to the excitement of fans Circulars. If you are interested in Circulars please be aware at the time of this review,  the response had been so intense they were completely out of stock.  Cathy promises to have more in soon so keep checking back !

Price Range: Single Points – $32.00 USD  Double Points (4) – $45.00 USD.   Circulars I am not sure as I have not ordered them yet.
Sizes: Single Points = 7″ 10″ 14″  Double Points = 4″ 5″ 6″ 8″
Materials: Singles = Aluminum  Doubles = Stainless Steel
Tips: Blunt (normal knitting needles)  Middy (za za zing)  Stiletto (you’ll poke your eye out!)
Caps: Bell (curve up flat top) Spiral (squiggle fest you see) Teardrop (curve up ball top)

The Good Stuff

I am a stiletto girl, this really should not surprise you. You can see my Signatures are US size 7 (4.5mm) 14 inch Stiletto Single Points. I selected the swirl cap, as mentally it makes sense in my hand. I suppose  I am somehow also attracted to odd shapes (it’s that hyperbolic thing again) and am convinced this keeps stitches from desiring to slip off.  I work on mental wonder powers, If I think it, so it will be. You should try it. Seriously. Its how I convinced myself after all this time I could knit and picked needles back up again.

Depending on the needle you select, you will get color variations. There are five at this time and they are all of course bright shiny and much more fierce than a box of glitter crayons or your bedazzler tucked back in your closet. Color is important, its a stimulant. If you really love something you are using to sculpt your craft, you will continue to use it and learn the caveats that make it work even better for you.

The style is lovely and obviously just Brain Crack to drool over. The quality of the hand brushing is equally important because the whole point of these special points is to easily get in and under swiftly to manipulate those yarny knots. I am not a fast knitter, my gauge is always tight and I rarely do swatches (I know shh). For this, as goofy as it sounds, I know which needles on holding them will work in my hands and which wont. These are lightweight which helps my speed because needles do get heavier the larger the project you put on them.

I love knitting with them in public for one big reason, they will always encourage someone to lean in a little closer to see what I am knitting. That leads to questions not only about the yarn, project, the needles, but then also interest in picking the art back up. I have met new friends, taught new knitters and brought more yarn lovers into the fold because of beautiful needles and yarn. These fall into that special interests section!

Quick Thoughts:

Over all Use – Easy lightweight very polished can be used with various yarns and on really any project.
Look – Dramatic and very luxurious
General Consumption – definitely not. Thats not a bad thing. These are beautiful needles and well worth the investment. They however should not be crammed down into your everyday knitting bag. Take care keep them lovely they are very special.



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