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Happy Weekends

This is what I came downstairs to find this morning. Despite the fact WeatherOne called for sleet rain ice and snow, the damp dark grey day only yielded cold.  (M) Is out moving a friend in the cold and rain. Freezing in fact and he’s hauling a  piano.  This is of course part of the wonderful that makes him who he is. When no one else would do it, my Monster of course would. I will warm him up later with lots of love 🙂

Elvis and Biloxi found time for a fire side chat. My little gas fireplace had gone out yet again the other day. I decided to play around clean the tubes dust it all off pull it apart and so on. Got it back in working condition as I was being told by WeatherOne (mom) yet again conditions would be bad. Is it every elderly persons need to freak over inclement weather or just my overly exasperating drama queen?

Elvis would like to offer you some Ham.

I am stitching away at blankets presents and stuff for the store. I havent really had time to get other things photographed. I need to. I just have so much I want to launch with. I hate bare bones it makes it feel so incomplete. I suppose if I start with five things, I will feel mildly put together. bah.. no I wont who am I kidding !



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