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[photo courtesy of me and Mr Fluffins]

The implied above makes me giggle and although I am sure somewhere in here I have had a similar post title, I had to post again. I have been playing with GIMP (photo editing) trying to learn some new little tricks on making my photos a little prettier. I am not one to read tutorials you have to know this by now. I try when I can, but being so full of “to do’s” anyway there just isn’t time in my world. There really isn’t. I saw all these clean-cut photos on various other blogs and thought.. supa snazzy. I played with GIMP until I got it. Which took about 30 minutes of clicking various buttons.

Here is an easy run down for you and you know.. sorry if I use the wrong terms. FYI I am not a technical writer so don’t even think about calling me out on tool set names and function keys bitches. It is what it is – just trying to help you not write for the NewYorker.

Open Image – Scale – Crop Size and do what you need to get it the size you want.

Upper left corner of tool box select that little rectangle icon

Select Rounded Corners in selections box down on bottom

Beginning outside the edge of your picture drag rectangle over

In selection box click size (300×400 800×600) that is proper to the size you changed your image

Cut – Open New – Transparent – Paste – Save

I made this one while I was writing this in order to practice the steps. Image Size is 600×450 which seems to fit nicely in blog space.



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