Things I Hate Today

  • OutLook Email
  • Connect Pro
  • Passwords – here in known as Passwads
  • A particular post office here in my area that really can NEVER get it right they finally did
  • Cisco
  • Forms make my blog more fun.. ok ok I am fine with them now
  • Scripts
  • Anti theft devices that disengage your fuel switch
  • Rain
  • Wimps
  • Pussys
  • Fuckwads
  • Butter
  • Miles of distance
  • Empty Pillows
  • Oldsmobile

3 thoughts on “Things I Hate Today

  1. Things I hate today –

    *Finger pointing by others
    *Fucktards that give me douche chills
    *Tivoli Storage Manager
    *Sore throats
    *Maple syrup in my toaster
    *G & R going at it like cats and dogs
    *Miles of distance
    *Empty pillows

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