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Santos Maria

[photos  courtesy of me]

Did you ever have a day in a store, a moment of ah, where the heavens part and if you listen close enough the choir of angelic hosts licks your ears like a carnival on crack? No ?  Really?  Well let me just tell you what it sounds like     .:.<3<3  Pure Love <3<3<3.:.

Imagine if you will a sad day. A frustrating day, a day that can only be called Monday. You have plans to get a buttpile of work done, but  you discover you are completely locked out of everything you need to access to get your job done. You have been working since the week before to resolve this with your company’s IT help desk but .. well perhaps they’re a little over worked because no one really has an answer to much of anything.

I grab Butter, who is extremely depressed and cart her off to the local Shack of Discovery. Of course she starts picking out the sparklies when we are reviewing the bauble counter. I ping Monster with inquiries on Bakelite. He’s the pro on that one. It’s far from my realm of knowledge. The bracelets were not Bakelite according to his tips, well and ok fine one had an Avon logo imprinted.. pfft. I am bending down while some guy is hunting down gold and discover four little wooden bracelets crammed into a pile of baggies. The lady behind the counter is far too interested in flirting with Yukon Joe. I casually pace back and forth as to no be apparent in my excitement. I catch her attention and rather than take a risk that she will soon be down this mans throat with her tongue I pull out everything that could possibly have bracelets in them.

As soon as my fingers touch these bracelets, overwhelming sadness joy peace and excitement smack my head so hard I almost start to cry. These are very special. These were very loved. My heart is almost broken but the absolute faith present in these beautiful retablo’s and I can’t even pretend I am not suddenly humbled by their spirit. Did I have a god-like moment? No I found a memory, a special token that someone somewhere once cared for. A subtle icon of devotion that was now crammed down into the junk pile of a local thrift store. I would rescue them.

Two hobnail glass candy dishes were discovered in the chochky isle. No chips cracks or damage. Then two vintage purses that are completely immaculately gorgeous were found.

I have two very very very special surprises that also made it home but they are going to make it to my Etsy store with the other items I have in the works.



One thought on “Santos Maria

  1. You scored today! And as always my love, your words leave me moved – I am so glad you were able to rescue those wonderful remnants of faith that once graced the hands and wrists of someone who loved them as well.

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