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Lets Catch Up .. Shall We ?

First, lets sit down to some pumpkin pie. I spent most of the day crying. I woke up at 3am and started in, just letting it all go. It continued on until about 11am, when Monster soothed me and calmed the snot rockets.  I managed to stay in my pajamas most of the day but was overly productive. The house is still clean but got wiped over a little more. This would classify it as now SUPER clean. I know shocking, but true.  Laundry was done and folded and there even was a pie in the oven. Talk about domestic bliss! I opened a bottle of wine after a much-needed nap and started working on some more markers.

We are indeed fans of the undead in this household so of course I had to start working on some zombies. Their skin is pale glittery from crypt dew and blood and brains are hanging from every veiny tendril. The brain is also very cute but did not photograph well. Its texture is slick and pink and grey matter swirl through its little lobes.

Sugar Skulls were next on the list. These will more be of the necklace variety I think. Their about the size of a thumbnail but still too big to be markers. Let me just tell you, working with sculptey takes a great deal of patience to begin with. Working with MICRO sculptey structures is down right brain twisting.

It was fun though all in all and something to sit quietly and do while the events of the day unfolded. I watched more news than I have in some time, obviously today being major with the quake in CHile. I  havent really had time to watch news on any level so I did digest much more than normal. Tonight will be the SyFy channel marathon of bad creepy movies to ease my tense shoulders and brain.


2 thoughts on “Lets Catch Up .. Shall We ?

  1. You are so amazingly talented, baby! Those are all WINNERS!

    Funny, we both woke up feeling the same today – so connected.

  2. @Marco I know what your saying there . In the current economy its tough to find a company to work for that pays well and is consistent. I have found that if you just work hard and are consistent you can succeed. Look at the poster of this article, they are oviously hard working and have just been consistent over time and are now enjoying at least what would appear as somewhat of a success. I would encourage everyone to just keep hustling and moving forward.

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