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Magic Loop is my friend

[photo courtesy of me]

I will be the fist to admit I am at times impetuous. I get a thought in my head about something, procrastinate while life takes over for about two weeks then without fail decide I need to know have or do right then and there.

Monster assured me Magic Loop was the way to go for all things knit in the round. I love circulars, this is no secret. My Zephyrs have taken on a new status of my most adored knitting tools. What I do not like are DPN’s or Double Pointed Needles. They fall like chopsticks in my hand and are about as useless. Being that I love hats, chullos, and many items worked in the round, but too small for circs (mitts gloves fingerless mitts), this seemed like the next technique for me to perfect this year.Monster wants to learn crochet, I the loop. I was going to learn while in Kansas next month but eagerness snuck in and attacked my fingers and brain.

YouTube glamored me like a sparkly vampire and I found many great videos searching the key phrases – magicloop, magic loop, magic loop tutorial.

Here are a few that I think are very detailed and offer some fantastic pointers. Check them out!

This technique is really easy! Please give it a try. I will too have videos for help on my channel but for now with no video recorder we will simply enjoy others!






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