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Recipes from Last Night – Ratatouille = Fail

So no recipe follows, sorry it was horrible. If any of you have a really good recipe for  ratatouille please let me know. This one had eggplant zucchini onions and roma tomatoes. The eggplant was bitter until I added white wine. Even after the wine however it had a bitter edge that really threw off the tenderness and savory tastes of herbs and other veggies. I hated it. I seem to remember a dish shown in the movie by the same name, where a mother of a critic prepares the dish.He has a flash back so you see the prep and delivery of his childhood memory. He had a hard day and in a cassolette she makes this. I remember her layering veggies over the top to almost create a crust.. yes?

What would Julia do.. hmm I will consult her books, but if there’s no relief to the bitter dagger that be eggplant I am kicking this taste sensation to the curb.

I used a new word in there 🙂 did you catch that ? I was in an antique store recently and saw several advertised in a back corner. Clayware- old porcelain coasted yummy beautiful things. I would buy several just to have them on my cabinets, so full of color and fabulous. See now that I have actually looked online.. I think mom figure did do a dough. I wasn’t sure if I saw that right as my failbus recipe called for simmering it, but she did a dough and baked it. I still dont like it.

Hmm so in reviewing tag surfing because WordPress does that – I found this blog post – ratatouille-marathon which also brings up the movie I mentioned, a better recipe and roasted peppers.



a container for cooking and serving an individual portion of food, usually made of pottery, silver, or paper, or sometimes of baked dough.

1650–60; < F, equiv. to cassole (casse small saucepan (see casserole) + -ole dim. suffix) + -ette -ette

4 thoughts on “Recipes from Last Night – Ratatouille = Fail

    1. Guess what ! Soaking in Milk ! I am going to try your version next though, the recipe I had was just one of those quick meal in minute eat healthy things. Blah. No.

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