♥ Life



I wasnt sure I was awake this morning

The dark that filled the room left me to believe it was night.

Dogs stirred whined and asked to be out

I complied.

The world was turning but I stood still.

Cars moved neighbors did too, I stood still.

The dog moved.

First to the edge of the neighborhood then to the woods.

I didnt hear my feet. I didnt hear the cars.

I think I heard my heart.

I know I heard the rain.

She stepped off the road into the leaves and brush of the woods.

Its wet, its dangerous.

I stepped into the woods too.

Raindrops shook from branches covering us.


The mist and darkness in the corners scared me,

I stepped on following the sound of her collar.

The bell the only noise now my ears were aware of.

That and the rain.

Drenched and I supposed cold,

I really only can follow what I know.

There is nothing else but this trail and that dog ahead of me.

I stopped out of breath.

I had been almost running.

Deep in someplace I didnt understand or know.


I let the rain cover me for more than an hour.

I didnt move.

This path is the one that is my steady.


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