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Fun Georgia Festivals This Weekend!

If you want to arts and craft it this weekend and have some good old fashion fun, downtown Kennesaw is host again to the 34th Big Shanty Festival. This festival combines history from the Civil War Era pertinent to here in Georgia with great entertainment and arts.

Next up is the Annual Lemonade Days for the Dunwoody Preservation Trust. This venue is a fundraiser so there are ticket sales for some rides and activities. Less vendors for crafts but more activities for little ones, it offers another option for getting out in the beautiful sunshine this week.

My favorite festival this time of year is none other than the Dogwood Festival. Walking around downtown (once you find parking) is not as horrible as it sounds. I did it my first year in an airboot :)/. The park is cool and beautiful. Full of southern soft spring memories. The dogwoods gently fragrance the air and almost seem to make their own wind for all the guests wandering through.

I am always surprised by the art available and love looking at the highschool exhibition. One thing Atlanta is NOT short on are amazing artists. This is a show always worth seeing.



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