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Saving Money on Saturday

When I was a teen I had a friend whose father would go to three different stores on a sunday shopping trip. It always took several hours. He actually packed a cooler for the car or tried to limit perishables to the last store visited.

I thought this was complete madness. It wasnt until I started doing the weekend shopping with my dad that I saw he did the same very thing. As our conversations changed during shopping it became a challenge to see who could find the better deal. Obviously this was fun for me, but ingrained a sense of savings that few have been able to rival. I am frugal. I have to be.

I always check BigLots and the Dollar Store against my savings totals – coupons – adverts and flyers from the grocery store. Sometimes there are hidden treasures that even astound me. Yesterday was such a day. I had house stuff to buy. Detergents, cleaning products, shampoo, and mostly non food related items. I went over after placing an order for the movie pizza last night (Mellow Mushroom is no more in Cumming – more on that in a minute) and needed 20 minutes to kill.

Savings :

Morticians Daughter – $24.99 reduced to $3.00 then on BOGO Sale

Windflower – $24.95 reduced to $3.00 then on BOGO

Arthur – $17.95 reduced to $3.00 then on Bogo


All three books unknown to me were actually ON sale for a $1 each then had the buy 1 get 1 tag.  Total I Paid at register = $2.00

The best part for me… the first two are ones I really wanted to read. Especially Windflower. Its by the same author that wrote my most favorite book of all time : Griffin and Sabine.

Other savings followed:

My favorite Shampoo – Normally between $6-7.00 was on sale for $1.50

12 pack of Mountain Dew 120z bottles = $2.00 (we dont normally do soda but since Pix has been ill it helps wash the muck away).

Tide Ultra Cold Water Detergent normally $12-15.00 = $3.50

Snuggle Vanilla Creme = $1.50

Happy Clam!



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