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New Hair New Lace wow thanks New Vogue!

(courtesy of Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2010)

I have always been a fan of Vogue knitting, as I am a subscriber. This outdid my brain cavity. Another blogger had mentioned the great new lace in this issue. I have not gotten mine yet. I started flipping trough Online Photos to see more patterns.Yeah I am so going blond this summer!

Here’s the thing, I have loved working with lace. It’s really becoming something I am very good at. In the knitting realm I thought I would never hear those words cross my lips. I know those who have knit for longer than I will say.. pfft its easy! Well that may be true, but I am still “one of those” that doesn’t remember repeats, has to print a pattern and have lots of stitch markers handy.

Thing is your right, it is easy and anyone seeking to try knitting, are intimidated by socks, try lace ! You don’t have to use tiny needles, you absolutely do use circulars (you just dont knit in the round to form a joined circle) and its a very portable project. I wish boys wore lace. I would be knitting Monster a ton of it !

Lace is really just a bunch of yarn overs and knit – togethers. A yarn over for those thinking hmm what is all this wacky talk, is where you wrap your loose yarn (called the working yarn) over the needle you are passing your stitches to. Sometimes you knit into it on the working needle to make a new stitch, but most traditionally you simply wrap it on the right hand needle and make the next stitch in the directions on the next stitch on the left hand needle. Did I just say too much? Are your eggs scrambled? Well believe me. It’s not rocket science and the best thing is to start with a scarf! Yes lace scarves are super fast easy and very suiting for summer!

See ! While a little heavier than perhaps a traditional summer scarf, this is still completely doable for spring. This particular pattern is like ones I have done a ton of in the past and works up quickly as well. Thing about lace, once you get the working pattern down you can branch out and play with yarns. If I were to go down one needle size in this, but use a much finer yarn, I would  have a very wispy open piece. The pattern would not be as tight, but still present.

Thats the fun thing about lace. It’s very mutable. Hope you enjoy the new issue !



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