♥ Recipes from Last Night

Chicken and Dumplings

Once again Butter hits the fail button.

Cookiebits left for the UK on Saturday and while she is going to be bouncing back and forth over the next few months for her project (please take me with you), Chef decided it is all too  much for him to bear. After a tearful goodbye the broken-hearted man decided to basically live in my yard until she comes back. Initially I found this to be irritating and while i know he is reading this, I am just going to be candid. Yes I think you’re crazy now please pick up your towels!

Teasing aside it was actually nice to have him here this weekend. He brought a surprise over for recognition of Mothers Day and has been a very excellent sounding board. Pixie has of course appreciated the fact he does that thing.. you know cooking…

Well he determined the house needed comfort food last night, and that I was looking unfed. I couldn’t agree more. I have been barely eating since the start of April, and while I have to tell you my butt looks fantastic, I am hungry for mashed potatoes. I don’t recommend the no food diet. I have lost to date close to 30 pounds but it was too fast and the inches went even quicker. I think slower is better in weight loss. Pictures will be posted on my Flickr once they are edited for you all to vote for the business card you like best, and to see the results of my continued buffness. I think I may even do a give away .. stay tuned on that one!

Butter likes Chef. She finds him and Cookie very charming in theory. They have only met a few times so it’s not completely a threat to her attention levels just yet. Well last night I watched Chef and Butter bicker in the kitchen. His ADHD barely rivaled her flare for the drama. The height of hilarity however was when he called her a drama queen and she threw flour in his face.  Being that he is 6’4 and she only 5 foot nothing, he picked her up, set her on the carpet like a cat pointed his finger and said “No”.

Pixie laughed so hard she peed. Butter stood there pretty much shitting herself. She laughed. For the first time in years, butter laughed. You know when you have those mental pictures in  your brain that just never go away? Yeah.

So.. heres the interesting part. The dumplings.. were not so good. Now why is that interesting? It opened a conversation about missed steps and that led to the very sandwiches Butter derived her name from. Monster created the Butter nickname after hearing about the jarlsburg creations she tried to mimic off Martha Stewart. The light went off. Chef knew what she was talking about. In a lickity split he was off to Publix offering Butter chocolate for a ride along. She almost seemed giddy.

We scrapped the dumplings, and they stood side by side working on the new dinner. The sandwiches… AMAZING. Now you all know I have said how horrible these things are. Well.. Chef showed her how to make them. Thick stacked Ham – Jarlsburg – on soft deli roll – egg wash with cream – pan sear or grill like a grilled cheese. It’s supposed to be a hot sandwich (which I have said I knew it was) and then he made a cheesy dipping sauce that goes with it. Served with melon and cilantro, cool glass of IcedTea.

I died. No I really did.

I will write down the complete recipe tonight. Chef wont come online, maybe I can hornswaggle an interview…..


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