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Secret Bean – Organic Baby Bag

Secret Bean

This is a carry all bag for my dear friend Kelly.  What I found to be especially fantastic that while in “theory” intended to be a baby bag – its opening up to be much more.

Needles:  Size 10 US circular (cord should be 24″ or larger)
Yarn:  Wool – that is not super-washed – you want this bag to FELT

  • You need 2 Skeins of each color
  • 220 yds of each color
  • I used four colors of a hand spun Hemp and Wool blend made by my dear friend. If and when she ever sells I will link you.
  • Cascade – KnitPicks – many other vendors have eco wool yarns responsibly harvested and “green” for you and the planet.

Embellishments : Handles. Cotton Lining. Key lock for mama to attach her keys to. I am adding a lining simply because I do not want her to ever have something slip out of a little hole. Technically we should get rid of all of these in the felting process, but to be on the safe side and add a pop of color I’ve opted to create pockets. I will have tutorials on all these aspects up very soon but for now at least you can start knitting your bean!


Holding two yarns of color 1 – cast on 19 stitches.

Work in garter (knitting both sides as you turn) until piece measures 21 inches.

At corner on last knit stitch turn work 90* and begin picking up stitches.

To pick up without holes – Insert your left free needle into two yarn stitch and lift. Insert Right working needle in behind, Yarn Over (with two yarns still held together), Make stitch and keep on Right needle. Pick up stitch is now complete. Move to next. Follow this all the way around placing stitch markers at all four corners.

With a full circle on your needles now all picked up and ready, join and begin knitting in the round.Remember you will be knitting with double stranded yarn through out this piece.

On Row 5, 10, 15, 20, 25  you will increase in the stitch before and after the corner stitchmarker. Knit one front – knit one back – slip stitch (increase made).

Color 1 – Work 4 inches

Color 1/2 – At join marker stitch one into next row (never join a color on a start). Snip one strand of color 1 leaving a 3″inch tail. Pick up strand of color 2 and tie together. Beginning at next stitch use the two colors together in your double knitting.  Work only 2 inches of this combo.

Color 2 – At join – knit one into next row again. Drop color 1 by sniping 3 inch – tie off – add other strand of color 2. Knit 4″inches.

Color 2/3 – repeat from above. 2″inches

Color 3 – repeat from above 4″inches

Color 3/4 – same 2″inches

Color 4 – same 4 “inches

Finish with a cast off stitch.
This is where you would felt your bag in hot soapy water in a top loading washing machine. Boil Bag does work but not as well. When felted to the size you like – dry – add handles – lining – give to your mommy to be!
Please feel free to ask any questions in my comments, while I create picture and video tutorials for this bag. I wanted to get it out today so those on the Craft2Cool page could learn more.


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