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Well, there’s good news and bad news Jim

Good News – These lime mojito spicey dorito things I am eating are aaaaMMMaazing.

Bad News – I can’t knit until I shower because I went at them like a chinchilla and I am covered in neon lime taco powder.

Good News – Today was the community garage sale and I sold a bunch of stuff.

Bad News – I only made about five dollars because I was selling everything for a quarter.

Good News – It cleared out half of the garage.

Bad News – There’s the other half to go and I am exhausted.

I wont send this to the dump and due to the HOA I am not allowed to have a garage sale again until next May 5th :). Lame. SO Storage Shed.

Yes another place to store stuff but heres my theory. It’s all going there. Everything in the house I am not or do not intend to use. Every month I am going to take 4 boxes to a charity and be done with them. We have so many things I know a women’s shelter could absolutely use. Why not just do that in the garage you say? Because I want everything out of the house to start with a clean slate. I also want to just be rid of everything so I can do the carpets and paint.I am really tired of white walls and even though I know next April should the game plan align and I buy my own home, I want something pretty now.

The Uncle has decided (and I know he’s reading this) to mediate all my legal items. The two houses are going up for sale, will is getting updated, all my savings and investments are going global and getting rolled into the details of my trust and I am signing off on services so I can have someone else with the experience keep track of it all.

Twenty years of guilt and laziness have allowed me to stay distant from the uncomfortable things I need to settle. I have lived by my own means off jobs and never put to rest these last little details. How can you let stuff sit for 20 years? You would be amazed when it’s all taken care of by Management companies, Trust Executors, Attorneys and the Taxman. It sucks and I am going to hate the fall out that is going to come with it. His theory, fall out has a shelf life of 90 days. Dealing with it for 90 days and then actually having little things like,  college completely paid for pixie, a home to buy, new furniture, new car, savings and investments aligned for my retirement. You know the things our parents tell us we should be setting up in early thirties that none of us think about until we are fifty. Yeah I am not going to be that person. It will be worth it.

His second theory if it’s not, you will be well settled and can afford extensive years of therapy. “Think of yourself as just having won the lottery LuLu without having to worry about taxes for a while and even better having someone to mediate it all for you, so you don’t act like a jackass and spend it on shoes”.

Ok.. I’ll bite.. do I have to sit through a time share presentation?


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