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Bucket List of Weird

WTF is up with whitening strips.. really?!?!?!

I am having a little self spa night. Crest Whitening Strips 2 boxes 200+ strips at BigLots today for 4$. I am on this let’s get gussied for the Reunion. Its important for me to feel my best, helps ease the nervous I have going on about going home. I also am in a terms of revival. For the last few years, since moving to Georgia I have been in this stagnant state of being. Surely I have had fun and enjoyed myself but I am not who I was circa 2006 in Orlando. I miss that stupid silly sun tanned get out and go girl. I miss knowing every little nook and crannie for good stuff and neat finds and my huge wonderful network of friends who did the Farmers Market and Downtown Disney and The Point and DelFrisco’s and The Westin and and and …. with me. I can’t have that back and those are wonderful memories that yes I know I need to create here, but at the same time I have somehow forgot how to do that.

Little steps started with extreme weight loss. It wasnt planned or expected it just happened. Then came the drastic hair change. I almost cut it off then decided I really rock long hair. I am going to let it grow. It is however slowly going very blond. I find more little things to play with and so I called the receptionist at my dentist’s office and had a quick Q&A. Now we used to do whitening at DentalNet, so I mean I know the technology as it existed then. I really have no idea whats in the mix now. She said buy them their awesome and at that price she would be getting some later too. Bleaching sessions are usually about 300$ per tray. I asked. 🙂

I absolutely hate this feeling in my mouth. Its like some poured acid on a gel capped medicine thing and squished it on my teeth.  They bubble move around don’t really stick, and well its WEIRD. That being said once their off, I absolutely have coffee stainage gone in one use. Hmm so maybe acid throat mixed with asspee is worth it for the next 30 days to be all sparkly and very Stepford.

I am going to have to go with yes. Absolutely worth it.  FYI spa night was done with others and there is nothing like people in mud masks trying to eat Tempura and SuperCrunch Rolls.


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