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News from BigCity (organic) Coffee.. yes again !

That should really read Orgasmic.. but that’s just me…

BigCity Coffee has some special little news for its friends.  I get no little juju points for lulu here so its just an appreciation post. I like when people say please and thank you. Maybe the Magnolia in me, but I do indeed love manners. I love nice people and those that also love a good gab session. Not because they want something but because they enjoy people as well. I know Stephan is like this. He absolutely always has a friendly word for someone. He has no idea that I found him by chance way back when, while looking for organic chocolate covered coffee beans. See how wonderful the internet really is. Oh ye who would doubt the power of search!

Currently an affiliate program and word of mouth share campaign is in launch. Take a moment to read this page please. Do you have a favorite coffee-house you frequent? Is your Barista always on the hunt for new ground or bean experiences? There are options to get even closer to the Big City Bean King! I wish schools would stop this fundraiser “pie buying” and give us parents something we really need.. java!



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