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True Blood… well at least the color is.

I have waited to share the awesome!

Of course Fluffins had to pose to offer some color contrast. Of course he did. He is after all the Most Interesting Cat in the World.

May 15th as I tweeted was the neighborhood garage sale. We are only permitted one a year and this year really seemed to lack verve. I live in a very small community, no really small, two street small. There are however a ton of homes on those two very long streets. People from all walks, young old married single. Very good mix.

There are also many renters that come and go and until recently we had close to 15 homes empty. Thats a big deal in a small subdivision. In total with the hodge podge of junk I put out, there were less than 15 people who participated in the event this year.

I do know that was in part because of the rough year, financially. We had bankers and VPs here that lost jobs and are in that transition state. Nosey neighbor in back (not to be confused with Noisy Neighbor Next Door) was a VP at Bank Of America. He took in a roomie and I am thinking has gone back to North Carolina. His house for the last two months has been dark.

Very dear friend around the corner had her whole house in her driveway. I was shocked. Beautiful furniture that has come from all over the world. She has decided to go back to Brazil. Her husband and family have been in the US for generations. She met her husband in Brazil when in college and he last year took a job there after loosing his IT position here in Atlanta. I guess from what she was saying over the last three years her siblings parents and even extended family have all been going back. She now has made the decision to get out of dodge and placed everything she owned on the auction block so to speak. This was what caught my eye. Well it caught Butter’s first. The woman has a way with antiques.

In conversation E mentioned this has been in her family forever. Worth way more than what we paid (you would die) and obviously a memento to her, the cost to move this back would break the bank. Isn’t that sad? I felt sad for her, she however seemed elated. She just wants to go home and get out from under this cloud of economic struggle for her family. I up until recently knew her pain all too well. We actually sat for a while out in her driveway talking about that.

I shared the struggles I went through in April before making some serious life decisions as well. She dumped some very sweet words of wisdom on me, “Sometimes it takes facing your absolute worst before you can truly be your best”.

Very sweet huh. Yeah I really bonded to this gal. I am looking forward to our new FB and Tweeting friendship when she’s back with her family. It is all true as well.

So this loved piece of her past is now part of my future. The color scheme to do my living room in chocolate lime and turquoise is going to have to be reworked with red… hmmm.

I also have an antique friend coming to look at it this weekend. I will keep  you posted on what it is. There is a sticker with a serial number on the back. I am pretty sure that’s an auction tag. There is some identification on the bottom. We shall see!


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