♥ Family

Home Sweet Little Vintage Home

Isnt it darling!

I am trying really hard today to not be impulsive and not go crazy. This sweet little gem was discovered by my best friend and just screamed that it needed me to put in the papers, and come tend to her gardens.

3 br 2 bath – Vegetable cellar Detached Garage/Barn 1300 sq feet on 1/2 acre fenced. Built in 1923 she has all hardwood floors although they have covered some with carpet. The attic is fully built out although has no drywall, and is climate controlled. It runs the space of the top house and could be converted into a guest suite if need be or a nice sitting den. Office. LuLu workspace. The house is about as big as the town home with much more storage and yard space. The rooms themselves are smaller, that’s to be expected in an older home. Thats not really an issue though.

Have you ever had a moment in life where all the pieces fell together and while you know you should be still and let other things fall into place … you get so dang stinking excited you act before you think!! You do not know how bad I want to put in an offer on this! I have never looked at an older home and saw potential. I thought I would buy something new and have all the cool kid gadgets. Perhaps I will but today this little darling just really feels like me. Soft, covered with time and vines of experience. A shady quiet little garden cottage that I could fill with all my old little treasures and fit in as though my family had lived there since the home was built…


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