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Recording Studio Say What?


I am blogging cryptic. The previously written post that was just deleted by me sounded so dam vague I barfed on the new laptop. Good way to christen it I suppose.

Vintage Cottage was deemed a thumbs up, however on review I decided it was too small. I was told the attic space would make a fantastic musical instrument area. This I giggled over imagining people hauling my piano up the stairs.

So turbulence today. Not horrible but certainly stress played out. No biggie I can’t really do anything about it, just move forward. It wont destroy me, although I honestly think now that I have been exposed to anxiety attacks I am most absolutely NOT fond of them. As the Facebook would say : Charity is NOT a Fan of Anxiety.

While posting that little diddy.. something weird just happened.

Difficult discussion with Butter. We were both feeling rough. I know she’s feeling bad for me and because she loves me as my mother she wants to do whatever she can. This is one of those things she cant fix only support me through. It’s really no big deal and will settle itself. So as we are having this talk, the grandfather clock that’s been in my family a VERY long time just sounded off. To better understand this and for those of you who understand manual winding clock mechanisms, this clock has not had a movement in almost a year. It was wound by a clock technician several months ago. After which the mechanisms were released because the issue (hence the tech) was discovered and he suggested until the piece is repaired it should not be wound messed with … etc.

The pendulum is not engaged and as mentioned all gears are set off. Well at 5:20 the chimes rang five times right after Butter asked “What are you going to do about it?”.

We looked at each other, couldn’t even speak and sat in silence whiles chimes that havent rang themselves due to being broken in over 5 years went off. The clock did not do the song segment that comes before chimes every 15 minutes (Full song on hour) but there were five distinct rings.

I am taking it as a sign. I knew my decision before. I knew what I was feeling thinking, but this confirms it. Goofy I know. Dont laugh at me. 🙂 I still believe in signs. I still believe in God the Universe and Karma. I still believe despite their bad habits humans are not awful and even when incapable they are not intentionally cruel for the “most” part. I believe PB&J is its own food group and that at the end of the day this time this world the here and now is a very good place to be. I know even more cryptic right? It will all become clear soon my darlings. Its not awful I promise ! Its so stinking exciting its wonderful, just today not so much until those chimes went off…


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