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Abrazo.. how sweet you sound!

I found some really great new things. One is this Blog – by JuniperJune. My recent fascination with lace and the fact I am kicking ass at it lead me to drool over her beautiful pictures of this piece. Following her links I found out Abrazo is a pattern sold by TwistCollective.  From everything I see it is an online store, blog, and pattern source. It has some great advertisers, but not out in print. It also has higher priced patterns and while absolutely DESERVING that credit it’s perhaps a little more pricier that my old hat frugal broad is used to. It’s funny how somethings stick with you. Penny Pinching I don’t think will ever be something I don’t do, but I am ReALLY tempted to shop my life away on this site! I will confess I bought Abrazo. I have some amazing canary alpaca that is waiting to be knit up into this for a summer coverlet over that beautiful lilac sundress that GarnetHill  graced my closet with last week. I know that much for a dress and I am hawing over patterns. Shut up 😀

I am knitting in public today. Two dishcloths were finished in Vintage Row. I am still on the look out for vintage cake stands. I am also geeking huge on the Webz, remotely from shopping destinations all over the planet. Yes I am that advanced, shocking I know considering how much I can’t stand technology at times. But without it today I would not have found all the beautiful things I am telling you about ! GAWSH !

 The day started with a huge search for the Grill (below) that was finally obtained from Wal-Mart ❤ sigh <3.

I then got an alert from my FB app that reminded me I had signed up for the American Apparel Flea Market in Atlanta Station. I know I know, what does that mean ? American Apparel sometime back made this announcement they would be going to several cities, college campuses and the sort with the sale of the century. discontinued and older items as well as new and not yet released products would go on the racks for pennies on the dollar. $1 $5 and $10 pieces that are normally $40 waiting for your love.

My pals on Twitter are posting tons of deals and goodies found. Not to mention photos from the event! It lasts until 8PM this evening so if you are in Atlanta and interested in some super savings on some great clothing visit Atlantic Station.


2 thoughts on “Abrazo.. how sweet you sound!

  1. The Twist Collective is trouble — I am absolutely in love with a huge number of their patterns and want to knit them all. Hide your credit card before looking.

  2. Sweet Batty – I see what you mean ! I sat here (slightly sunburnt) with a towel and aloe last night and thought…” wow I could so use that with ANOTHER piece of my wardrobe”. It’s going to be trouble for certain!

    I have something else to share tomorrow though 🙂 Just as beautiful BUT slighty more budget friendly !!! Just you wait my winged comrad in frugal!

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