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The Great Grill Hunt is on….


Summer is on us. Time for the lake (beach) and cookouts!

I had a wonderful built-in system in the old house. Bricked  burners and hickory capable. I was also living with a man who loved to grill!  It was at the time, one of his best attributes.

I am finding so many options and really stuck on what would be best, so of course I have put it up for poll on the Facebook. I hope those who love grilling during the summer would offer comments on their favorite recipes, types of grills and the pros/cons of both. I have decided with the big move coming up that something huge is not really a good choice for us. Only being two people who are no longer huge meat eaters, something fancy schmancy is not really needed.

Of the houses I am looking at, due to their nature it also wouldn’t be a good choice to start with. Most are farmhouses so there isn’t a huge patio space. I would really be that person who Murphy would enact law and burn down the dam patio, porch wrap around awning, yes that would be me.

– On The House Front  –

In the area I am looking (secret until I have secured a house) the value is amazing. I will give you a few hints. Access to Amish furniture, FleaMarkets and Pick Your Own Farms in every direction about a 30 minute drive. I know the area fairly well from my childhood and because my ex has relatives one state away. I will have to change my hockey team, but the colors of the new one are actually two of my favorites. We will be able to drive to the beach again, and not take half the day to do it.  This all translates into some really great choices for schools, living and adventures. The mountains are close which means camping and fishing again. We had an old pop up and RV in my family. My Uncle has hinted they will be housewarming gifts. I would love this, as I have yet in 15 years ever taken Pixie camping and I think its something she really needs to experience. I went every weekend when I was little.

– On the BestFriend Front –

Heff is home. He actually had a lay over in Atlanta this morning, after a 15 hour flight from I think somewhere close to Dubai (?) Bosnia (?) or Germany (?) I can’t remember where SB said.  I couldn’t go down and have coffee with him despite the fact I wanted to, as his arrival and depature were much earlier than I was awake.  There has been a lot she has gone through and I do not feel at all comfy putting her business out there, BUT I will say I am amazingly proud of her.  Not only has she managed a home finances and legal matters (just think the worst case scenario and x10 it) she has been a mother and care giver to an ailing parent. Proud Proud Proud I am ! She is a very strong beautiful woman, I am better for having such a gift of friendship in my life. Even better – She has not let ANY of this influence her feelings for her Heff. She has been upset angry and certainly at times confused, but NONE of it reflected on him or her feelings FOR him. I can’t wait for them to get married! In these times, it speaks volumes about the enduring gift of love and relationships. I have faith.


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