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Wedding Agreements

Heff proposed to Gravy, but  in true fashion it was a laugh fest !!!

She sent me a text to let me know they had decided and of course have her bridal *squee* moment. She called this morning to give me the full details and I could not have laughed any harder. Other little people were around so the whole thing came off in code “sealing the deal” and in the car. Apparently Heff did have a plan but had no time to execute because Mama was all about getting business down and done now that he was off the boat. He then had to break the news to her that she was rather impatient and he had a proposal planned but she was being a dork and just ruined it. Too funny.

I get a whole week off for the Fourth of July care of my company. Why, I don’t know but its paid and I have absolutely NO accountability to answer a phone email or otherwise. Lets just reflect on that one second. OMG. Yeah still not knowing what to do with myself.

Here are the planned ceremony thoughts so far:

Cape May  – Bed and Breakfast. Family and everyone on the beach at sunset simple ceremony with perhaps a priest from one of the local parishes.

Vegas – Of course just adult friends or them alone havent completely thought that one out. But I said of course I was in – because while they honeymoon I can take down the poker tables.

Either way.. My heart is so full and happy and just filled with so much love. For so many reasons this is the right thing and a happy thing. Its my BFF’s time to be happy with someone who would overcome any obstacle and work to get their lives on track. With recent stress and issues Heff couldn’t be there, he was underwater, but his heart was. Emails as often as he could do anything to support and strengthen her. Emails from hundreds of feet below the surface of the ocean, doing what ever he could to put her at peace offer insight to his head and heart and more importantly let her know he would be right by her side.  I adore this guy.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Agreements

  1. Whether is an indian or italian wedding, we always pay attention to the smallest detail. When it comes to planning a wedding, all details are to be looked into with the outmost attention.

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