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The Silk Road

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I am laying in bed today, reflecting on this last past year. Today is my birthday. I always use this time to think about what has been and what is to come.

What an amazing year.

To my friends loved ones readers and tweets, thank you for all the messages you have shared the last few days for wishes and love. It means the world to me that so many share a sentiment of wellness and love. It is important to show even strangers tenderness. I only hope you feel the same warmth when I extend my wishes for a year of wonderful things on your day, and thank you for your touching messages on mine.

I am indeed really laying in bed knitting. I do not want to clean take care of or do anything for anyone else today. I know terribly selfish but I think I have barking rights today, so meh  the world can wait!

Tomorrow starts my official new year.

On the List for my personal resolutions:

Work harder on accomplishing the goals set forth by Jordan for my improvements at work.

Strive to be a better organized team member to the team I care so much about, who have really become an extension of my family.

Share joy with them and continue to strive to if nothing else bring a silly positive moment to their days.

Take one night a week with Pixie for some more building on the relationship we have really come to new terms with.

Set some more milestones for us to accomplish health wise this next year.

Continue to save towards the new home that will be ours next June, and not become frustrated or overwhelmed by the challenge. See the excitement in this process and love it. This is life changing this is a true beginning. This is my start.

Organize my online businesses and become a better marketer for myself.

Get pedicures more often. I love them did them all the time and have forgotten what it means to take care of me.


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