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Free Money Sunday!

I know several friends who are not fans of Chase bank or any of its little investment loan partners. I have several IRA roll overs through them and earn a great deal. So far I have been happy.

This caught my eye. I never open mailings like this, usually parting them out to be shredded or recycled. I opened more out of curiosity for free money and inside is a gift card. Of course immediate eye rolls happened but I decided to keep reading.

Here are the easy details

Open a Chase Checking Account by Aug 14th 2010.

Place a starting deposit of 100$ in that account.

Keep account open for at least six months, or the gift will be debited on close of account. That part is important!

10 business days after you open the account and deposit the starting 100$ Chase will put 100$ in there too.

Questions I will be asking on Monday when I go to my branch –

If at any time during those six months my balance is not 100$ will you remove the money match of 100? I have no problem keeping an account open for six months but I pay bills the balance may go down to 20$.

Also on the card information about the checking accounts I noticed it reads NO MONTHLY Service Fee with direct deposit or five debit card purchases. Is that truly “OR”  or “AND/OR” ?

If you never see this in the mail call 1-800-242-7324 and see if they will offer you the same offer. I mean why the heck not! Money is money!


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