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Eating Alan Greenspan

“Whatever you tax, you get less of.”

Shortly after the events of 9/11, the worlds most protected man took on a new initiative for the economic value of the United States.

During a time of great patriotism and love for each other, Alan Greenspan reached out to leaders and got up in the “grills” of people who really didn’t want to have anything to do with him. It was not a popular time for one of the most eloquent speakers and great thinkers I have personally ever known. I am fan. If Alan were on Facebook I would give him two thumbs up. I know it seems silly to think of him as inspirational, he is simply a man who has a great opinion about economy and how we should save ourselves and others from great poverty. I wish someone had listened to him four years ago.

Today is the Fourth of July. Our great day of celebrating the gifts of freedom we have been given. Mostly its a day for any average American to be even more greedy than usual. I avoid political commentary for one major reason, I know no one will ever see everything completely as I do (that’s ok). I also know far too many do not investigate their facts before engaging in political discussion and because of that heated emotions take to debate. I do not need to prove someone right or wrong or shove my opinion down their throat. I do wish however we as Americans would take greater accountability on the whole for each other in finance, neighborly love, and movement forward in communities.

If I could grow up to be someone.. it would be Alan Greenspan.

I love book tours. Once not so long ago, Alan was hosting some luncheons that related to his book out at the time. I was invited to join a small gathering. I had never attended such a personal event with the opportunity to ask questions round table and engage with someone who was such a great thinker. At that time if Alan Greenspan said we were in a depression we were. If he said the value of the dollar was shit. It was. There is a reason he had security and we were all frisked down CIA style. I was waiting for the rectum check for any incendiary devices and tucked my undies in my purse. This was a mistake, there were no bathroom breaks and I think once or twice the suits with ear buds caught some Sharon Stone action.

I am of course kidding for your entertainment value.

On to Alan.

I was fully expecting a snore fest. I didn’t value his worth prior to this at all. I thought certainly from interviews on TV that he was well spoken and fascinating, I just did not see the lure. Then he opened his mouth.

When he tells you he values communication and vocabulary skills, he’s not jesting. That mans mouth ooozes something thick and rich like caramel but easily devoured like chocolate. It was love at first bite.

During the roundtable where conversation and questioning were open mic I happened to make an outward comment under my breath. Now  you have to remember I was in a room full of people about 20+ years my senior and less than 3 were women. All were suits. It was not the place for LuLu. Granted I was starched, suited and full of swag. I just didn’t fit in.

There was a pleasant quote made about current leadership and how all of our leaders are only as responsible as we make them for our financial interests. There is no accountability. We elect figure heads who spend more time mediating a group of toddlers and pushing paper trails than actually affecting our interests. It has to start at home and with great force and care. You can only catch so many big fish in an individual net.

“Bait in a Bowl” was my comment.

The room hit that uncomfortable very strange silence. The silence where you can hear everyone shift in their chairs to turn and look at you. I didn’t blush, I didn’t flinch. I put on my best Diane Sawyer face. What I had said was important dangit! I felt like a puddle of poo in my chair but I kept my eyes fixated on Alan. He smiled broadly and nodded quickly. He then moved on to more statements and took another question. He was engaging, inviting and right on target. This wasnt fangirl coming out, this man was really interesting. I found the more I liked him the more I understood. The more I understood the more I liked him.
When we moved to our one on one more intimate sections (food served), I sat and listened to the animated boys club at my table. Of course I wasnt placed with any women. Of course. All three were clustered at a table close by clucking about something really I could not even begin to tune into. Then a chair moved and he was there. Elbow to elbow with my Ross clearance pale lemon (you don’t wear this in DC) suit. I knew he would smell good.

What followed was some amazing conversation with our table, more questions and some fast laughter. I politely listened not breaking the very pleasant vibe with any of my cynicism. The he turned. The questions addressed to me were poignant tender but genuinely engaged. He had thought about this. I answered honestly and with some humor, but tried to stay brief answering what I felt was the most digestible. I did mediate myself, I will be the first to admit. I think more for the fear of looking like a complete  buttock in front of these people who knew more about money than I ever possibly could.

I did address my inner frugal, being a single parent and how disappointed I was in current administration and those going back to Reagan.

There was more mischievous fast laughter between us.  Then I got my  book signed and the afternoon was over. I shook Alan’s hand and thanked him for his time. I made sure he understood I greatly valued his time, opinions and this opportunity to learn. He smiled a true Alan smile of warmth and said he had enjoyed it too.
I walked away completely different in my views on the way our country handles money. If you really want to think about taking action and changing your country this 4th – seriously think about reading some of what this man has written. You may not like it. You may not like him. Give it a try.

Put down the bottle rockets and think about why this country truly is great and what we have done. Think about our constitution and freedoms not the hotdogs for just this one second… you can go back to that grill in a few moments.

Be grateful today my fellow Americans, you are free.


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