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(Nom – Aah – Stay)

When I worked for The Studio every patron that came in was greeted with this phrase a polite bow and a smile.
It was our shop owners poor attempt to be ethnic, just a tad cooler than the other salons and perhaps ala Boheme.

I always giggled having been around the earth people for so long it made me laugh this was being used this way. To each their own right?

When I started blogging the knit world four years ago through my own therapy, I found several companies I just fell in love with. One was the Namaste Inc Line of bags. “Hmm” I thought, “wonder their La Boheme as well”.

Oh no.

They mean it when they say it!

Animal-friendly faux leather – Eco sustainable practices and fair trade prices !

A company that designs such hip and swagger stank bags actually gives a shit about the world we live in the knitters who love to have sparkle!

GO Figure !

I wish more of my family read my blog. I want one of these in Lime and Peacock. Their only 20$ each via the DreamWeaver website , but still. Everyone was all up in arms what to get me for my birthday. Really? What part of my home is not full of yarn, needles or stuff I cant stash anywhere because I have no where to put it.. Ahmm. . . Solution.

!Click Here to Shop!



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