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CSI: In My House ?


I fell out laughing when I saw this on Wool and Chocolate. She had the Vegas team in her house (in her head) and imagined what they would say or respond to. In my past life without any mentions or details, forensics was my gig. I was thrilled when CSI:Vegas first aired and showcased the mysteries and science behind death investigations. While glammed up for viewing pleasure, it was still fantastic to see the under vibe of a lab and the mental diagnosis that can happen with top-notch criminalists.

I took to Miami (having been most recently from Florida), and added my knitting tidbits here! Enjoy 🙂


“She left those toothpick, double pointed things on the floor again! I thought we were past this when she learned magic loop!”


“Her use of the color wheel is truly extraordinary. Pretty sure a deaf blind mouse could see this technicolor wackiness. Who puts Chartreuse with Orange … really ?”


“Have you seen my future ex-wife LuLu? I believe she’s run off with the dog and my knitted socks. I would really like the socks back please.”


“Shut THE front Door! She said she only knitted me socks! Es o si que es ! ( s o c k s )  Like speaking Spanish will really emphasize our Miami Connection in Atlanta…. ”

The pool

“When I tell you to NOT pick up the rabbit and put it on your lap, I am not just saying it out loud to hear my suave self speak.”

“Horatio, when you said pull its tuft for fiber I didnt realize you meant Angora !”



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