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Custom Crocheted Baby Blankets

Turns out all those little skills I learned from Happy and Ethel, while learning crochet over the years have paid off. I make beautiful baby blankets!
I have been working on some for little ladies in my life over the last few months, and picked up a love affair once again with something I used to love to do. I was focused for the last little while on learning lace, cables, and other knitting techniques. So focused I did not sit down in the evening and work on any crocheted items.

I have seen granny square blankets in many handmade stores, which are absolutely beautiful. I have not seen patched, colorblocked or striped blankets however. There is so much more to crochet than granny squares!

There was a pattern that existed in some old vintage magazines that I had. It lends itself to cotton yarn very well and even looks great in acrylics. I am so excited! I have added two new listings in my Etsy.com store to showcase the blankets.
Fun FUN fun!

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