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I think I swallowed your fart

In early June, BadBaby aka Chewie aka Biloxi contracted the butt licking disease also known as “abscess anal gland”. It was the grossest thing I have ever seen in my life and something not soon to repeat on the bucket list. I will spare you the dreary details as I can barely still stomach them. After cone of shame, some horrible medicine I had to administer in the most horrible of ways, a change of food and habits, we healed nicely! There is still a bald patch you can see leaping across the yard even in the palest of moonlight. I enjoy that part the most.

I put myself to bed for a nap today. Feeling a bit overwhelmed exhausted and very well stressed. I will spare you those details as well lovely readers. It is just way to much for any other person (insert my super hero status here) to handle! That being said, I am prone to migraines at these times. It’s never pretty.

Case in Point.

So while relaxing, heating pad on, barf part over, I felt the pain escaping. This wont be so bad, I caught it early….

Pfffttt Eeeep



Yes This Amazing New Holistic Happy Ass Dog Food.. is making Chewie sleep fart.Blue Buffalo you are really awesome, but my burned nostril hairs and stomach lining oppose your healthy ways. Despite the hype I am convinced you are the devil. She is the smartest dog ever despite the fact most of the time I want to strangle her. I still take great comfort (stinking end aside) when she lays next to me batts her chocolate eyes slightly tinted blue in areas from her border mix, and talks to me. This is where her nickname Chewie comes in. She garbles like Chewbacca. I wonder… is there a fan that harnesses itself to that end so I can tolerate her?

Blue Buffalo fix your farting matter…


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