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Find a little Treasure in Etsy Treasuries

Crochet Treasury
Create Crochet Team

One of my favorite aspects of Etsy is that there are many ways for users, fans, patrons and artists to share their love of unique beautiful things. We tweet we group we talk in community and share in the forum for ideas and new ways to help you the viewer find wonderful items that suit what ever dream you wish to create.

Treasuries are a fantastic way to do this. Lets face it, in this day and age of search engine exhaustion we don’t always know what keywords to search on in a retail space to find just that nugget of amazing we were looking for. Well this is one step in getting you closer to Nirvana my little flock! This tool is one that first drew me to Etsy so many years ago. Remember those color dots you could select and all the recently listed items that had those colors in their photo spectrums would pull up. It was so much fun!!! A Treasury is no different. A person goes and collects their favorite items, based on keyword, colors, tags and details. They then compile a treasury and list it for everyone else to enjoy.

Want to help your favorite shops? Leave a remark in the comment section – or heart their item by clicking on it and then of course selecting to add it to your favorites. You can also in your profile keep any information about yourself secret. I have many secret admirers who have hearted certain items in my store but choose to stay secret. The action of giving a seller a heart helps boost their items into features and the tops of categories. It is almost like a ranking of popularity. It sounds horrible put out like that but it’s not at all. I mean that in the best way possible.

Click the picture above to go see one of the treasuries I was featured in today. Fun stuff from the artists on the Create Crochet Team!


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