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Why I blog – Its like eating cookies for breakfast

In many ways I am not one of those “social people, I am not even kidding. I really get nervous about putting so much of myself in a place to have it used (as I see it) against me. My very good friend however reminded me words can not be used against you if they are put forward in truth. I had an experience in the past where the important personal things I blogged were used to hurt me in a manner of ways.

I now hold the power to say that is no longer possible. I hold the power in my heart to know what I put into the world is good and no one can rent space or take from me what will always be mine.

My blog even when pushing some of my atomic goodness, has been and will forever be personal. It is indeed my therapy. I eat cookies for breakfast popcorn for dinner and openly love everyone around me. My life is nomadic and free and has never been ruled by church state or the opinions of others. I love new ideas fresh thinkers and strong women. I hope by being brave and discussing all of the above Others will look inside themselves to lead without fear and take back their personal independence.

Reading blogs is a great source of information and more often entertainment. I do not know that I offer the same, but I hope in some small way I do. I love sharing recipes, I will say that. In the past as I have shared many times, cooking was just not a top priority to become better at or interested in.

Funny thing after trying some new flavors and recipes I am beginning to get really good at thinking up wonderful and grilling glamorous. Reading blogs did do this for me, and I hope my recipes the ones I try and the after thoughts I offer help others.



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