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Colors of Fall – Human seedlings growing under soil

I started noticing about two weeks ago all the knitwear popping up on Etsy with beautiful new rich colors and hues. I realized I recognized most immediately from the forecast Pantone did for Fall/Winter 2010. I follow this site religiously. They have never let me down and with due reason, almost every designer bases their seasons about two years in advance on the Magic Wand color predictors. I love color.

I think this is the purpose of color in fall and winter. We tend to tone down our wardrobes so dramatically to dark. Isn’t it funny (from a human observance perspective) how truly connected to this earth we are? In the same time the earth turns its pallets to something more somber, we too darken ourselves like little buds returning to the forest floor. Waiting under the blanket of warm soil to be reborn again in the spring. Yet among this death and growth process we occasionally, pop a burst of light through the black.

Let me just tell you how thrilled I am to see the Lovely Lagoon up there in that sensational (and some of my FAVORITE) color list. Even better – Living Coral! These most certainly are a few of my most favorite colors in the whole world. I cant wait to start designing some fall knits to match these. How beautiful would a scarf of coral be floating around your black cashmere turtleneck. See… it has your mind going now doesn’t it! Funny what color can do!

Jelly and I just went to the Georgia aquarium this last week (new background pic on my blog) and I saw these beautiful creatures for the first time in person. Not only saw, I touched them. Jelly for those of you who are not in my house 24/7 is Gravy. Gravy is my BFF Sarah. The former nickname came from a television movie yadda yadda yadda.. We took a trip to Savannah Ga. last weekend and Gravy got severely attacked by a savage jellyfish. Hence she is now Jelly. I know my brain is crazy but it works.
Here is a little gallery of our recent travels. I have not really had the camera out a great deal lately and thats a shame, I love taking pictures of everything! Enjoy our trip and adventures!



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