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Are you using your many talents?

Photo Courtesy of The New Treasury Created By Me – Trend Setter Colors of Fall 2010

I love my Etsy Teams. I created this beautiful Treasury (with out the sidenote for my team) to showcase their many talents and highlight some trendy colors for fall.

I did notice many of the items did not list these beautiful colors. They are hot search topics now!

So I sat this morning coffee in hand, rainbow baby blanket on my lap waiting. A dog softly snuggled at my feet and the sunshine not so bright outside. Shining but slightly softer in tone than it has been the last few months. Yes fall is coming. Are you ready?

I shopped for leg warmers, listened to really happy music. I did hold some ice on my neck and jaw (no big deal but bruises persist) and just loved the fact it was Saturday. I really have no plans to be out today, mostly house cleaning and crafting. Those are the two big goals. I did want to offer some thoughts to my team though.


Many of the designers I am teamed with have these amazing (and believe me it humbles me daily) items they create. I see very little show up in search engines though. Ok it’s not easy granted but does it have to be SUPER hard ? OF COURSE NOT!

Titles – While a title in poem looks super artsy and one that is a bazillion lines long includes every aspect of your item’s detail, there are better ways to get the point across. Example – “Golden Fingers big adjustable handmade ring”. When I was searching colors for this palette this was the VERY first one I picked for Golden Glow. I also thought the title itself was great. It gets all the details out with out swamping me with too much overload.

Pictures – We hear this time and again in Etsy Lab and the designer help sections. Granted we are not all Annie Leibovitz. I think however bright, very clear, and color correct photos can most certainly take your items to that next level. The “Baby Blossoms Booties” caught my eye for this very reason.

Promoting – I take time every evening to speak in my blog communities, Twitter friend groups, Facebook, Etsy forums, and many other publications that I source out. I am no expert, well ok yes I am. I have discovered one thing in my time with Omniture/Adobe – I rock keyword expansion ad writing and product promotion for my e-commerce clients. Amazing I know since my blog and writing style (even for my own products) is all over the place. I do better helping others than helping myself (haha) believe me it sucks at times!

With out fail though I hit trends, keywords and advanced theory before they think of it. I wish I could bottle it and drink it myself. Eat this Alice… “sigh”.

I only have about an hour each evening to work on web visibility. I still have much to do myself in getting an actual website, hosting, yammer yammer. I really do not know that I have the energy to do that. My craft is still therapy for me, and I am honestly afraid that if I turn LuLu into THAT much of a brand I will stress out. Personally I do not want to stress over something I love. It is what made me stop crocheting once.

You Goals – that is the next step from Promotion. How far do you want to take your business? Committing a few hours a day to crafting, creating, promoting and handling the needs of your clients, is this something that will NOT take you away from everything and all that you love? Can you run your business like a  business and still not sacrifice the things that fill your cup and inspire you daily? That is what I asked myself first before starting my store last fall. I know what I can give to it each day without taking away anything from myself. Take time to consider this for yourself.



One thought on “Are you using your many talents?

  1. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your
    post to my blog?

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