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The Dishwasher broke, but then there was Fluevog

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The house is a rental what are you going to do ? I am not buying lets not walk down that road shall we? When I find my perfect southern colonial with hardwood floors lofty rooms that have natural brick exposed in the kitchen wood burning fireplaces and it happens to be older than 105 years full of spirit and even yards deep in history – I will let you know !

I have given up on the dishwasher. This week was appliance hell for Jelly and I. Seems everything between our two houses went kaput. Her’s more severely, I don’t have to replace my dishwasher the owners can do that. Plus it’s not “really” broken its just a piece of builder installation crap that uses too much water and eats the environment alive. I have some fabulous soap sent by a friend that crafts home eco products. He makes most of my soap I felt my products with. When I can convince him to get a store on etsy I will let you know. Right now he lives in a green community that doesn’t even have electricity. Yeah I know weird right. (Kidding). Well when I fill my sink, rinse and dry – I have saved about 10 gallons of water – used bio soap – and have dishes that don’t have crap on them. My dishwasher literally leaves pebbles of schmuck. I don’t even want to know what it is. I have removed, cleaned bleached the trap. I have gutted the disposal and ran a really great cleanser through that too. Yep still schmuck. Gross. Done and Done.

Then there was Fluevog…. save the day shoe therapy. I can’t afford them. I am shit broke but you know a girl can dream 🙂

Turquoise … meeeeeee

Yes the “Lagoon Turquoise” are the ones I want first. I am one of those wacky post hippie chicks that love  hand knitted socks with MaryJanes in the winter. Post The Great Leg Break Incident – I also have trouble wearing comfy heels now. My right ankle is prone to swell tremendously bad. Not even a little, like the size of a grapefruit bad and this makes wearing any heel with a strap or tight back impossible. It is very sad to me, being that I used to be such a tremendous heel hoar. Zappos and many other sites made a killing on me in my former heel hay day. I present example (A) below that caught my attention and made me swoon. So Me. Great Tastes 27 Stitches! I heart you!


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