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Gnome today, Toad Tomorrow

David the Gnome

Being a child of the 80’s, I have a little thing for Gnomes, I do. The World of David The Gnome while having a soul killing ending ran forever on Nickelodeon. With the voice of Tom Bosley as David, it was like cartoons with Dad. Much like clowns or Santa Claus, I find them scary and yet some  how beautiful.  I adore their little nature preservation earth loving ways and am endeared that a cast-away thimble becomes a home. It seems I am not the only one who is seeing these little folk pop up everywhere.

Copee/Pasta (no that’s not a typo) from Evin

Simply a Gnome crochet pattern by Else Tennessen

Amigurumi Gnome crochet pattern from Lion Brand Yarn Company

Gnome Applique Block and Felt Gnome Tutorial from Wee Folk Art

Gnome Embroidery Pattern from Andrea Zuill

Crocheted Gnome from Squidoo

Fun Knitting – A Gnome from Plain and Joyful Living

Knit Mushroom Wrist Warmers  from Hello Yarn

Gnome Children Knitting Pattern from Duo Fiberworks

Gnome Knit Pattern from Maehegirl

Friendship Gnome Babies Pattern Tutorial from Heavenly Things

No pattern, but must include a link to the inspirational and darling Gnome Village Table Runner by Calamity Kim

Embroidered Gnome from Cupcakes & Cartwheels Tote


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