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Comcast – You are very much a big ball of suck

Friday afternoon during a very intense call with someone I needed to lock down, my cable went out. Bill paid fully, and TV still on, I was really confused as to why just the internet would fail. Three days of phone calls and absolutely no further information from any of the reps spoken to, the status remains “out” or “broken”.

Things I learned:
No one at Comcast knows anything. The reps techs and service assistants are not informed about any outages or issues until they open a booking page to schedule a technician to come out to your home to look at your modem. At this point any issues in the area will pop up like magic and give them a status to how many devices  in the area are “online”.

This status is only a status and delivers no direction on what the issue is, who is really affected, how long it will possibly take to resolve, or what can be done to aid Comcast with further information or troubleshooting.

Apparently one side of a road can be out and the other  not. My mother who lives exactly 20 feet away from me has internet.

Despite how much you know about computers rebooting a router modem or plugging in directly to your laptop, they want to run you through the 30 minute reboot three times experience. I believe this is to exasperate you and exhaust you to the point you give up and wont call back until your appointment with said technician is over.

If you do not rent their Router (a gazillion dollars) they will not really invest any more direction or help telling you, your router is the problem. The same router that is nows plugged into my  mothers modem and allowing me to be online and write this post.

Comcast Rep delivers this pearl of wisdom, “Well I understand your concern especially since you work from home. You can go online and file a complaint somewhere on the website to corporate”.

. . . I can go online….

Second pearl of wisdom if my service is out, it seems their automated system is out as well. I tried to make my payment via telephone at first thinking.. “oh doody.. am I off because I was late?” No actually I was early. Its due next week, paid anyway system wouldn’t take it so I had to have a rep aid me. Next Best Quote:

“There will be a five dollar charge for me to complete this transaction for you, but if you like you can pay online”.

. . . I can pay online….

So while I wait for Tuesday and the tech to tell me he can not help me, which you know is coming. I will get my work, blogging, and online activities done over at Mama Lulu’s.


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