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The Beauty of Etsy Treasuries

Click to see the beautiful things other Etsian’s have created.

The Great Pumpkin
Colors of Fall
Harvest Moon
Seaside Blues
Night to be whatever you want to be!
Comforts of Fall – Knitwear!
Hungry for the Holidays – Yummy spices and Fall comforts – a Must See !

Over the last two days I have been alerted that a few of my fall items were featured in several Treasuries. I am so honored and honestly floored. I craft for therapy. I by no means ever consider my talents to be as amazing as those I share Etsy space with. When I create something its with intent, love and I cherish it. I actually have to sit and decide for about 24 hours if it is to be sold or given to someone I love. Yes I get attached easily. That is about 75% of what I make.

There is a small portion that I craft that is designed to sell or be sold. It starts as a concept and then put out in the store as a test market to see what views hearts and thumbs up, it gets. I have kitschy tastes so I know not everyone will love my often bizarre zombie filled pumpkin loving weird ways.

That is until Now. Halloween seems to be my Chi! I am so thrilled that individuals found something delicious or fun about the items I made and wanted to share them with others.

Thank you 🙂

Please make sure you do click and give some little hearts to these amazing artists. A treasury gets more “visibility” the more clicks it receives. It’s a great deal like Google AdWords. Click Throughs Quality Score and all that jazz. You can keep your identity secret as well if you just want to give someone thumbs up and love.



2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Etsy Treasuries

  1. Nice treasuries!
    I’m glad you were able to find the pattern. Would love to see your version of the sweater when you finish! cheers!

  2. I am so excited and thanks for the thumbs up on the treasuries. It put a huge smile on my face this weekend. I am going to start the sweater tonight I think. I am excited. It will be my first official baby garment.

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